Do I need to attend all five sessions?

Preference is given to applicants that can attend all five session in full.

If I don’t live in Anchorage, can I still participate?

Yes, there will be a virtual team.  The participant will need computer, webcam, and internet access.

How much does it cost to apply? How much does it cost to participate?

There is no program cost.  However, only __ applicants will be invited to participate and are expected to attend all events.

How do I dress for the event?

Most days are casual or business casual dress.  Demo night business professional is standard. 

Will food be provided?

Yes! We love food.

Who should apply?

We want the curious, the creatives, and the problem-solvers.  Anyone with passion and willingness to share ideas should apply. 

What time is the application due?

Follow us on (Facebook), sign-up  for our (emailing list), and request to join our (slack channel ) for VOLT49 application announcements.

What is the Alaska Investor Network?

AIN is over 40 accredited private individuals and funds participating in the network with the goal of working to create a robust and diversified economy in Alaska’s future.